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Plan on sinking a few beverages on Saturday August 26? Take advantage of our bus services from around the Sunshine Coast to make sure you get to and from the festival without any hiccups.

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Eventbrite - MMVAF 2017 Bus Shuttle - Maroochy Orbit $10 return

Eventbrite - MMVAF 2017 Bus - Noosa, Peregian, & Coolum  $10 one way, $15 return

Eventbrite - MMVAF 2017 Bus - Kings Beach & Kawana $10 one way, $15 return

Eventbrite - MMVAF 2017 Bus - Mooloolaba  $10 one way, $15 return

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Entry 3 | Monday July 17, 2017

Ladies & Gentlemen this your Captain speaking,

Welcome to entry 3 of the Captains bLog and wow, we have a bit to get through.



But it’s all good because third release tickets are available, the financial year is done and dusted and what better way to reinvest those hard earned tax dollars than to spend a day in the sun with one of the best line-ups to hit the Sunshine Coast evah!!!! Jokes, but also not kidding.

Sooooo, how’s the planning coming along?  Make sure to check out the website for info on methods of transport, drop off-points and your bus tickets which go on sale Wednesday. Still looking for accommodation? Our friends at Mantra group have 4 properties offering a 10% discount for stays between 23rd and 27th August so why not indulge a little, stay an extra night, use our local guide and make the most of your weekend on our beautiful Sunshine Coast? 

Now, what’s new? Northeast Party House have finished spreading their talents across the USA while Horrorshow have just wrapped up the hugely successful tour for their album ‘Bardo State’. Safe to say that both these bands will be hitting the stage absolutely match fit. OKBADLANDS are going from strength to strength and just dropped the new track ‘Mineral’,  Mallrat has barely stayed in one spot all year having just departed on tour with MMVAF alumni Allday and Japanese Wallpaper.

As for Bernard Fanning, if you missed his performance before Game 3 you can relive all the glory here (we take no responsibility for a decline in productivity). That’s right, Brisbane’s favourite son performed with the Black Fins to open proceedings at Aus’s night of Rugby League nights, the State of Origin. Performing an energetic version of ‘Wish you Well’, our Berny sent of JT and whipped the QLD’s into a series winning state of mind and well the rest is history.

We're officially at the 40 day mark.  We had a working bee over the weekend to begin the site spruce up and it’s going to be perfectly lush under the bum for all our wonderful punters. 


I’m glad we had this chat.


The Captain xox


Entry 2 | Friday July 7, 2017

Hey there MMVAFers,

Welcome to entry 2 of my Captains Log! The countdown is on, site preparations are under way, Artist riders are in, our hero art installation is creeping, crawling and coming together and we can’t wait to open the gates to you on August 26th.

There’s been a bit happening since we last spoke so let me summarize.  

Firstly, logistics.  Yes, for a lot of you our lush beautiful home the Old Horton Park Golf Course is only a short stroll down the road, highway or beach but let’s be serious, everyone does this festival thing a little different.  Maybe you’re the “just wake up on the day and roll in kinda punter”, were cool with that. Or maybe you go with the group, were down with that also.  If you are the principal organiser of your crew know this, Multi Pass tickets are on the way out and our Locals Guide to the Sunshine Coast is up on the website.  So, gather your peeps, check out where to stay, where to eat and most importantly where to cure your hangover the following day (and if it's your kind of thing, watch McGregor and Mayweather go head-to-head).

For all those true believers who have already secured their tickets this year, we have a little gift.  The always popular Wintercroft masks will be made free for 2000 of you, we will be setting up a special code for you to claim yours so keep an eye on your inbox. How good?! As in previous years we will also be running a comp for the most creative mask on the day and let’s just say that every year they are improving.

We are stoked to see the success of our first international act Anna of the North.  They were again across the music news world with announcement of a collaboration with Frank Ocean and Tyler the Creator, listen here.  We have always thought big things of this Nordic slash Kiwi duo and were pumped to see the rest of the world taking notice. And of course, pleased to be hosting their only Queensland show.

We took a visit up to mountains where our hero Artist had been tinkering with his latest creation. Lucas Salton’s “Spi-Fi Mo-Fo” is really taking shape, we can't reveal too much - it's definitely something you need to see to behold. But let's just say, that you'll be blown away ;)

Seven weeks to go Girls and Boys! Don’t forget if you haven't yet secured a ticket the discounted Multi Passes are running out fast and probs won’t last the week (the little bird on my shoulder tells me there's only 600 left).

I look forward to our next chat,


The Captain xox

Entry 1 | Wednesday June 28, 2017

Greetings from the Captain,

We’ve not yet been formally introduced! I am The Captain now...and forever. Myself and the team at MMVAF are fighting the good fight to bring you our punters, the best instalment of the Maroochy Music & Vis Arts Festival yet.  The grass is greener up here, the smell of the ocean is fresh, I still have sand everywhere from my morning swim and we are oh so pumped to have you as our guests in 59 days. Welcome to my weekly Captain’s Log! We will catch up for updates, wisecracks, nonsense and general excitement.

Now for discussion, MMVAF have assembled quite the squadron of tastemakers, trailblazers and legends into the fray for 2017.  Our colourfully speckled patrons have so much to be excited about.

A rippling diverse music talent pool, from respective legends of Electro and Rock, The Presets and Bernard Fanning to our modern day megastar Matriarch of Dance, Alison Wonderland.  All of the ladies in the house again with OKBADLANDS, the buzzing Mallrat and the ethereal Anna of the North and the heavily touring boys of Horrorshow, Skeggs, Northeast Party House and Billy Davis. Last but not least, MMVAF 2015 standouts and the new dynamos of Australian Rock and Roll, Gang of Youths will be returning.

So, what’s new? Bernard’s released part two of his double album ‘Brutal Dawn’, the Presets are hinting heavily at new music with potential MMVAF alumni DZ Deathrays. GOY have dropped their second single off album ‘Go Farther in Lightness’ which is due to precede their evening slot.  Anna Of The North just premiered the new sensual clip for ‘Lovers’, Skegss are playing wild sold out shows around the country, Mallrat just announced a huge signing and our home-grown worldwide success Alison Wonderland has been lighting up the EDC festival Stateside and dropping major hints about a new album. Yep.

So what’s next? Our volunteer expression of interest has just opened, our all-encompassing guide to the Sunshine Coast for Accom, Transport and all things you must experience in our beautiful setting will be out shortly, and another week of our stellar line-up winding things up for August 26. Stay tuned for our next chat.

Now, go forth you beautiful bohemians, less than 9 weeks to go.  I can’t wait to see you in the Ampi come August, let’s meet at the big Egg on sunset.  I will be the one wearing the mask.

Much love,

The Captain xox