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Willaris. K [DJ Set]

Willaris. K [DJ Set]

Listen to Willaris. K. He’s the 23 year old producer from the Northern Coast of NSW making a gleaming contribution to the electronic music landscape of Australia with his debut offering, the brooding track ‘Alchemy’.

Swapping tools by day for synthesizers by night, Willaris. K (real name Jack McAllister) harnesses the intensity of Jon Hopkins or Flying Lotus, infused with the beauty and intimacy of Nils Frahm and Olafur Arnalds, measured by the restraint of Bonobo and Clark. It’s a musical formula that is only achieved by an instinct for feel and texture and is evident in Willaris. K’s work.

Setting off as main support for Seekae (DJs) and George Fitzgerald in late 2016, Palms Trax in early 2017 and earning early praise from local tastemakers such as Lewis McKirdy, Dro Carey and Young Franco, Willaris. K is proving to be a producer worth keeping an eye on.

Tim Fuchs

Tim Fuchs

A word on Tim Fuchs...

The Big guy!. Not like a giant, but ya know, big…

He has big shoes, He has big hands, Takes up too much room in the Dj booth (even more so if he’s drunk)

Somehow knows everyone in the game, (including your mates)

Likes dance floors with mirror balls… 


LOVES  palm trees!


What's he done then...

Remix, Rework & work with some of the best bands in Australia & around the world like... 

Foals, Flight Facilities, Miami Horror, Little Red, Strange Talk, LCD Soundsystem & Mitzi. 

Into bubbling dance-floor burners. 

He's also banged out a pretty mean edit of 'David Bowies' - 'Golden Years'. 


But don't take our word for it, have a look


What else?

Been a staple support for every major festival over the past summers including.


Listen Out


Laneway Festival

Splendour in the grass


Been on warm up duties for the following DJ's & Bands Like. 




Eats Everything

Flight Facilities

Cut Copy

Light Year

Horse Meat Disco

Jacques Renault




Holy Ghost


Friendly Fires


There's more but he’sprobaly forgotten...


Oh & he's also held down residencies & guest set's at some of the best places on the globe to loose your .



The Yacht Week - Croatia

Carpe Diem - Hvar (Croatia)

Welcome to my beach bar party (Syd)

KOKO - London

T.B.C Club - Brisbane

Laruche - Brisbane

Sneaky Sundays - Sydney

GoodBar - Sydney


Catalina Noosa


Lola DJs Long Lunch

Lola DJs Long Lunch


Dan Mumbles

Buff Girls

Jimmy Ellis

LOLA is a sex positive, polysexual disco and house experience that celebrates individuality. Creating an environment that accepts and encourages diversity and free self-expression, LOLA demands to see the most abstratct version of yourself.  

 No matter whether you're a polyphonic pansexual or a homophonic hetero, LOLA wants you inside her. 





DJ come producer from the Sunshine Coast, Jawgoh is a Brisbane-bound boomerang come weekends, holding numerous residencies in both locations. Instead of pigeon-holing himself to one particular sound, he's made it his objective to have a diverse and timeless musical scope. Equipped for any time and any place, it was not long before he found himself on the support role for some of the world’s best artists both at home and abroad. The magic must be seen to be believed; you won't want to miss it. 


Alex Millington

Alex Millington

In his own words:

  • Still a Maddog
  • DJ (questionable)
  • Likes music
  • Has good time/is fun
  • Mum hates his haircut
  • Toured Europe 2016, no one cared
  • Big name
  • Founder of TSAS (Tomato Sauce Appreciation Society)


Rhys Bynon

Rhys Bynon


Played vinyl.
Played CDs.
Even used Ableton for a couple of years, but now just uses USB's because its easier than burning discs or lugging a laptop around.
The new Macbooks dont even have cd drives these days anyhow.

Plays music he considers good. Sometimes it sounds like disco. Sometimes it sounds like techno. Occasionally he plays hip-hop. People seem to like it when he does.

But mostly it's house.

He's supported some pretty big acts. Claude VonStroke. Tensnake. LCD Soundsystem. Justin Martin. Dusky.

Played himself a bunch of festivals too.
But doesn't consider that reflection of where you're at as a DJ. You can listen for yourself.
Dance if you want. 




Sammy Owens

Sammy Owens


He is one of those people who loves everything about club culture and won't deny it. Whether it's standing in line to see a cool act, or getting stilettoed on a rammed dancefloor, he loves it!

Behind the decks or on the floor dancing with the girls, it's all about girls dancing. Never afraid of making a statement, he knows how to play to an occasion with a taste that’s edgy, fun and genre bending. Based in Byron, he has become a major contributor to the local scene. Normally not one for catch phrases Sammy believes it is actually ‘all about the party’ and that’s exactly what you’ll get.



An emergent artist, Lachness laid his foundations firmly in the DJ scene from Big Day Out, Elsewhere and regularly filling dance floors with a residency at TBC in Brisbane.  He'll warm you up and keep the ball rolling with an analytical approach to mixing you'll feel in your bones. Lachness is certainly rising from the deep. 


Champagne & Oyster Garden